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#1 21.07.2020 22:51:51


Fragstan totaly without cookies?

Apologies if this is not the right forum to ask this.
Is it possible to use Fragstan without cookies?

I have a simple Knowledge-base type website and do not need nor want to use any cookies at all.
I am using temp session tabs browsing system which only keeps specific cookies on very few sites. All other cookies get deleted at regular intervals.  I am sick of seeing this unnecessary warning every time I'm working on my web site, and do not want to harass unnecessarily the friends that seek information on my site.

I am not even sure Fragstan uses cookies by default, because I can not find any "set cookie" functions/parameters in the code. Just some code for cookie warning and acceptance/rejection.

Can I just remove this warning - completely? Shall I just disable the function call in the code? Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

Answers in German ok, but English preferred, because English entries in the WBCE forum would allow more people to benefit from the great communal knowledge, thus promoting WBCE itself.
No offence, I like German (although my writing it is not good), but on the global scale more people speak English than German.
Thank you

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#2 22.07.2020 01:32:54


Re: Fragstan totaly without cookies?

You must differentiate three things:

1. the setting of a system cookie by WBCE.

This can be prevented since WBCE 1.4.4, see here:
Section "The new switches"
and also note the restrictions that result from this!

2. the display of the so-called Cookie Consent message - according to the DSGVO / GDPR - in the template.

To prevent this, it should be sufficient to delete this part in the Fragstan template:

	var cookie_permission_url = "<?php echo TEMPLATE_DIR?>/inc/cookie_permission.php?lang=<?php echo LANGUAGE?>";

in the index.php.

3. setting any cookies through any scripts that are embedded in your template (Google Ads, etc.)

This might be - if I interpret your explanations correctly - probably irrelevant for you.

... nein in Europa verwenden wir beim Programmieren nicht € statt $ ...


#3 18.08.2020 16:04:54


Re: Fragstan totaly without cookies?

bernd, thank you very much!

Exactly what I needed.
Very good documentation link, thank you
Best regards


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