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#1 23.03.2019 20:00:36


CKEditor changing the look and functionality

Sorry if I am not clear.  I am trying to get a handle of how WBCE works with regard to the CKEditor.

In the "other" CMS, I have a style.css (or whatever you name it) style sheet in the root of my Template folder.  That's where I put all frontend styles.

I also have an "Editor" folder in my teplate folder with the following files:
Editor Folder

I can make any changes I wanted to see reflected in the CKEditor, in those files.  For instance I can change the css, add inline styles, add/remove editor functions.

Can I still do all this with WBCE and the current version of WBCE?  If so, what is the best practice?  If there is an up to date resource, I would be happy to read it if you can point me in the right direction.



#2 23.03.2019 20:33:03


Re: CKEditor changing the look and functionality

The WBCE CKEditor module uses the editor.css file in the template directory (no further subdirectory of it), the styles inside that file will be applied to the look of the text field and the appearance of the paragraph styles (h1, h2 and so on).
A single-line-editor.css, including just the line
@import url('style.css')
(where style.css is your frontend stylesheet) might save some work, so you just have to define the styles once.

Adding/removing editor functions is done in the /modules/ckeditor/include.php - afaik, idk if there's another way, maybe colinax can say sth. about this.

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#3 23.03.2019 22:32:26


Re: CKEditor changing the look and functionality

Hi, WBCE CKEditor supports all places for the CKEditer custom files as WB, but we have two Editor Editions "Standard" and "Developer".

The Standard Edition supports only the editor.css and editor.styles.js the Developer Edition supports all four well known custom files.

See ReadMe Files from Standard and Developer Edition or read the Threads in our CKEditor Section


#4 23.03.2019 22:49:54


Re: CKEditor changing the look and functionality

Thank you both for your reply.

I did do my best to search for info on the forum, but searching using English terms, and not even being sure of what terms to use, does not always get the best results.  I did read some translated threads that seemed to talk 'around' the subject, but I didn't find anything which explained it.  I also didn't realize there was a "developer" edition.  I now see the download options in the add on repository.  That is what I am looking for.  Thank you!


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