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#1 05.07.2019 13:45:15


Mal spazieren gehen...

Für Kreative ist es sehr wichtig, mal spazieren zu gehen.
Ich habe es schon oft wiederholt, jetzt auch einen Artikel gefunden, der mind. 10 Vorteile auflistet. Leider nicht auf Deutsch.

Hier ein paar Ausschnitte:

"Research shows that regular walking actually modifies your nervous system so much that you'll experience a decrease in anger and hostility,"

Your creative juices will start flowing
Whether you're feeling stuck at work or you've been searching for a solution to a tricky problem, research shows it's a good idea to get moving: According to a 2014 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learning, Memory, and Cognition, going for a walk can spark creativity.

You'll reduce your risk of chronic disease

walking lowers your blood sugar levels and your overall risk for diabetes ... and may reduce the risk of stroke by 20 to 40 percent.

Your digestion will improve
...That's because a regular walking routine can greatly improve your bowel movements.

Your other goals will start to seem more reachable
When you become a regular walker, you will have established a regular routine—and when you have a routine, you are more likely to continue with the activity and take on new healthy behaviors.

You'll boost your immunity
It turns out that putting one foot in front of the other could help reduce your risk for disease and promote longevity.

Hier der ganze Artikel + Video
https://www.prevention.com/fitness/a204 … every-day/

Ich persönlich gehe mind. 3 mal die Woche für 40min spazieren. 20 raus und 20min zurück.
Paradoxerweise grade dann, wenn ich am meisten zu tun habe, versuche ich dafür zu sorgen, rechtzeitig spazieren zu gehen.
Die Arbeit geht um so besser, da man in einen Zustand von Flow reinkommt.

Empfehle ich jedem.

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#2 05.07.2019 18:08:30


Re: Mal spazieren gehen...

Schon die alten Griechen machten das beim Studium....


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