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#1 08.01.2019 20:14:49


block comments ? and categories ?

Are comments blocked by default ? I have been unable to find a place in settings and preferences that blocks comments. I really have no spare time to deal with comments.

I want to be able to nest pages/aticles by category.

Say, large area like a mountain range; then category under that would be trail head. And additional categories under each one of those.

But I don't see a way, I did check modules and templates installed and looked at the ones here, and didn't see a way to do that.

Thanks for your help.

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#2 08.01.2019 21:45:28


Re: block comments ? and categories ?

About comments:
The Topics module which is included in the WBCE core allows to switch off comments for the current Topics page (see screenshot attached). If you have a lot of Topics pages, you can do the following:
1) For a single Topics page, adjust all settings (also overview page etc) to your need and save
2) On other Topics pages, go to settings, click on "Get From" and choose the Topics page where you adjusted the settings
3) Save the settings - so the comments are switched off and all other output settings are now the same as on the other Topics page.

About Categories:
Please keep in mind that WBCE is neither Wordpress nor a blog system. So there's a limited functionality about typical blog features.
For the top categories, you might create Topics pages (mountain range).
You can either achieve this by creating a "Topics Master" for each mountain and a usual Topics page for each trail type. On the trail pages you create the Topics entries (the descriptions of the trails).
On a Topics Master page, you can define which Topics items should be displayed. The current setting is "same picture dir". So for example if you want to present all trails on the Matterhorn, you create a Topics master page "Matterhorn", and as child pages of it Topics pages "Beginner's Trails", "Intermediate Trails", "Expert Trails". At all these Topics pages, you set the picture directory to /media/matterhorn", so the Topics master knows that it should list all Topics items with this picture directory.

Another option: you can create Topics groups, which are a bit similiar to categories. For this, you have to edit the modules/topics/module_settings.php file (you can access it via FTP or the Admintool "Addon File Editor"). Change line 10 of the file, which is commented out by default,

//$topics_groups = array('group2'=>2,'group3'=>3,'group4'=>4);

to (for example)

$topics_groups = array('beginner trails'=>2,'intermediate trails'=>3,'extreme trails'=>4,'etc trails'=>5);

When creating Topics entries, you can now choose one or more groups.
The groups can be accessed with the parameter ?g=group_id, e.g. ?g=3 and so on.
So on your page, you have to create links pointing to each group overview page.
There are some possibilities to achieve this, which I could explain if you're interested, but it's quite an effort anyway - so it's not flexible at all and it's probably not what you wanted.

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#3 09.01.2019 19:15:51


Re: block comments ? and categories ?

Thank you. I am currently using textpattern and was looking for an alternative.

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