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#1 10.06.2019 17:18:40


how to get Mini form to display the actual form

Hello everyone,

I am a new user of WCBE.  It's a really nice platform for those of us who are blind such as myself.  Now to get to my question:

How do I add the forms to my pages?

I already went to the site and created the form and named it "form_berrys_advocating.htt."  How do I get this to display in WCBE.  Please use a step by step approach as I am new to this yet.  Thank you for your help.


#2 10.06.2019 17:35:10


Re: how to get Mini form to display the actual form

1) If you created the htt file on your local computer, you have to upload it via FTP into the directory /modules/miniform/templates on your server.
2) In the WBCE backend, go to pages and create a new page of the type "MiniForm", if not already done. (Or you can also add a MiniForm section to an existing page via "Manage sections" of the certain page.)
3) (Still in the WBCE backend) On the page with Miniform, select your form template - it will be at the end of a pulldown list beyond the default form templates.
4) Check if other form settings have to be adjusted (sender / reciever, success page and so on).
5) Save your settings.


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