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New frontend registration options in WBCE CMS 1.3.2

With WBCE CMS 1.3.2, the frontend registration was completely reworked, some information about the configuration options and the template system below. As before, the registration is only possible, when "Login" is activated in the general settings and a group for the new registered users is defined (at general settings too).


You will find a file  Accounts.cfg.php in the /account/ folder, which you can edit via FTP access and a sourcecode editor like Notepad++. In this file is defined how the registration process will work.

"signup_double_opt_in" value

  • 0: No double-opt-in, e.g. the email adress entered in the registration form will not be checked.

  • 1: double opt-in, e.g. there will be sent a confirmation link to the mail adress. The link has to be visited during the next 24 hours, otherwise the registration will not proceed.

"user_activated_on_signup" value

  • 0: The new account has to be activated by the site administrator (superadmin). The administrator recieves an email notice with a conformation link. Once the link has been visited, the login details are sent to the new user.

  • 1: The new account is activated immediately

Once a user has been registrated succesfully (and the immediate account activation is chosen), the superadmin recieves an email notice about this.

Templates and Languages

All account template and language files can be edited with FTP access and a sourcecode editor.*

Frontend templates
Any output in the frontend, e.g. login / register forms and processing pages, are now template based. The templates are located in the /account/templates folder, where also the forms.css file, which is used for the output styling, can be found.
Please note: In former versions of the templates WBCE_Hortal and WBCE_Vertal (and maybe their relatives) some form elements are set to full width, which breaks the layout. Therefore, it might be necessary to change the line
input[type="text"], input[type="submit"], input[type="file"], select,textarea
{ width:96%; max-width:400px; padding: 3px 1%; margin-bottom:5px;}

in the editor.css of the mentioned templates.

The template files contain placeholders for the field descriptions and messages. The corresponding strings are stored in /account/languages/EN.php and /account/languages/DE.php and can be customized there. It is also possible to add own placeholders in the templates and corresponding translations in the language files.
If you need the output in other languages, just add a corresponding language file (FR.php, DA.php and so on) in the /account/languages/ folder. (Btw, if you do so, it would be a great favour if you would share it with the WBCE community.)

Email templates
The templates for the emails which are sent to the new registered users and the superadmin can be found in account/email_templates/DE bzw. account/email_templates/EN (further languages can be added accordingly).
The email templates contain placeholders for the variable values (like the username etc.) in double curly brackets.
The comment line at the beginning of each email template contains the text which will used as the email subject .

* You can create overrides, so your customization to the templates and language files will not be lost in a future WBCE CMS update. Therefore,  create a new folder /overrides/account in the current default frontend template and save your template and language files in the same structure and the same file names as found in /account/.

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