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#1 16.08.2021 19:45:06


OFA managing Groups

WBCE Version: 1.5.0
PHP Version: 7.4.22
OFA 1.1.6

I've run into an issue with OFA and how it handles the "Group" field type.

When you assign Group as a Field type, you get the dialogue "Groups (csv)", where you enter your Group names in the order you would like them to appear (order is defined in the General Settings, either Ascending or descending).

So let's say I assign two groups in Groups (csv) - Apples,Oranges
I then add a bunch of items, and assign the corresponding group to each.
My Groups are set to Order Ascending , so all of my Apples display, followed by all of my Oranges.  Excellent!

Then one day I decide to add a new group - Bananas
I want my groups to appear in this order on the page (for this example it is alphabetical, but their could be any number of reasons for ordering preference):
To achieve this, I change the Groups (csv) to correspond - Apples,Bananas,Oranges

Because "Oranges" Group was just a "field_id" with a number "value":
Field_id      Value
5                     2
Now, all the items which had the group "Oranges" (Value=2) assigned to them, have been changed to "Bananas" (the new Value=2) .  And Oranges is now (Value=3)

I understand why this is happening, I am just wondering if there has been any consideration for re-working the groups field functionality (something like groups in News with images, for instance), because this issue can really cause some issues as a webpage evolves over time.

I am thinking the only solution is to either re-save EVERY item with the new correct group assigned, or make changes in the database.  Neither of these are end-user friendly.

Or maybe I am missing something, and there is a different solution I am not seeing.

I look forward to any insight.


#2 17.08.2021 06:44:56


Re: OFA managing Groups

Unfortunately you're right, it's not possible to add groups to OfA and change their order, and there's also no easy solution or workaround for this.
The functionality surely should be reworked, but I'm afraid that this would be quite an effort.

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#3 17.08.2021 11:30:01


Re: OFA managing Groups

Thank you for the confirmation.
I will use one of the manual approaches (database edit) for my project.


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