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#1 09.11.2017 21:14:45


Short URL

Today, i did a fresh install of WBCE 1.3

Thank you for all you're time, its really looking good!

But when you do not make that much websites in a year, it searching for some things again.
First i again had the the inconvenience of  resyging img that did not work.  ( i want to have a max width in it what i can change, so if i want to make it max 400 pix and the img is 800, it should not be a problem?)

Another thing is that, in the previous version, when there was a  editor.css in the template map (front), the back-end used this to. It does not seem to work anymore ?  I get other fonts, and no start img on my H1 for example in the back-end now.

But the reason of this writing is Short URL.  LOVED IT !   ending a page on .php is not done in 2017!  (we think)
Short URL worked always fine for me. 

I was happy to see that there now is a Output Filter Dashboard with SHORT URL.
But it isn't working.  I have a fresh website, with unchanged hortal WBCE template and made 3 pages.
The menu is showing the SHORT URL, after install but the pages are in /pages/example.php    It does not work ?

Must I do more to make it work ?  (In the old days we must made a droplet, a 'droplet call in the template' and a htaces file .
I didn't do these things this time, cause i thought NICE its in the program now.  You can download it as new, but there is now 'how to description'   with it.
So ?  When you just make websites like me, whiteout knowledge of php and java,  its difficult.

Is there an answer to make it work, or simply de-install it and do it the old way ?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,   Niek.

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#2 10.11.2017 09:25:32

Projektmanagement und Support WBCE CMS

Re: Short URL

Thank you for your feedback.

First, about images in the CKEditor.
We did not apply these changes to bother the users.
- You can restore the "old" behavior by removing some lines of code, see description here:
Please be aware that then the CKE adds again style="width:400px; height:287px" to each image what probably will cause issues in responsive layouts.  We know there is a responsive image plugin for CKE, but it has other disadvantages, so therefore we decided not to use it.

- You can use CSS classes for image display and floating, in the stylesheet of many templates are already these classes defined, if not, simply copy them to your template CSS:

.picfull {width:100%; height:auto;}
.pic2left {float:left; width:49%; margin: 3px 1% 2px 0; height:auto;}
.pic2right {float:right; width:49%; margin: 3px 0 2px 0.5%; height:auto;}

.pic3left {float:left; width:32%; margin: 3px 1.5% 2px 0; height:auto;}
.pic3right {float:right; width:32%; margin: 3px 0 2px 0.3%; height:auto;}

.pic4left {float:left; width:24%; margin: 3px 1% 2px 0; height:auto;}
.pic4right {float:right; width:24%; margin: 3px 0 2px 0.5%; height:auto;}

Then, styling the backend display of WYSIWYG areas:
This  still works in the old way. In the directory of the used frontend template there has to be an editor.css which will be used to style the CKEditor. If there are fonts missing, it might be a http / https problem (that means, if you use f.ex. Google fonts, and your site is delivered via https, make sure that you call https://fonts.google.com/etc in your template/stylesheet.
Please notice that most browsers are extremely balky to reload changed stylesheets, you might have to clean the cache before any changes will be visible.

About shortURL:
We have already decided in 1.2 to remove it from the core since it caused too much confusion. As far as I know, the URL including /pages/ and .php might look not as sexy as without it, but is no impact on SEO. ShortURL might even be SEO negative if not used correctly (so that pages can be found as domain.tld/website, domain.tld/website/ and domain.tld/pages/website.php).
If you want to use it, this still can be done the old way, see
https://addons.wbce.org/pages/addons.ph … em&item=93


#3 10.11.2017 11:26:07


Re: Short URL

Hello Florian,  thank you for the answer.

1. I will do things the old way and change the code.   I want to make it my customers easy so they can change some things in their website.  When they have tekst with a img. they want to give the img a maximum width and they can do that with the field width. They leave the field height open and it works.
Its resizing tot the max width he wants.

2. I will look why the editor is not working, getting his behavior.  I will try with an other browser ?

3.  And i will install short URL they old way

Reason:  Sometimes a (for example restaurant) will send his customers a link:  myrestaurant/weeklymeal (or put it in the daily paper )
That looks better than: myrestaurant/pages/weeeklymeal.php

And yes it does matter a little bit to SEO , Google gives a little advantage to pages that are in front of the site
So / pages/  looks like that the pages are under the directory/menu name  PAGES
Pages without 'mother' should have a short name   MYdomain/- mydomain/Aboutus.php - mydomain/contact.php  (not with pages in it)  I think.

And when you make the htacces good, google wont find a /pageg/...php   So you don't have double names.

On youre site WBCE.org you use Short URL ass well.  Its better,  don't you think so ?


#4 10.11.2017 11:52:52

Projektmanagement und Support WBCE CMS

Re: Short URL

Using shortURL on wbce.org has historical reasons, I started the site using it and it would be a bad idea to remove it now.
I see the advantages of shortURL, but if you perform a forum search with the keyword shorturl, you will find that there are many questions about how to use it, and, furthermore, there are real issues on certain circumstances (for example its not possible to root other errors than 404 to corresponding error pages, nobody ever achieved to get shorturl working when a site is installed in a subdirectory (e.g. domain.tld/website), at the big german hosting company Strato ShortURL does not work when SSL encryption is used).
So therefore we decided not to deliver shortURL by default any longer.
But it's available for download at Ruud's website, so you can install it anyway.

About the editor.css issues - you can crosscheck it with different browsers, but usually either it works in all browsers or not. Depending on the template structure it might be necessary to edit the paths to the fonts and background images, that means, the editor.css has to be placed in the template root (/templates/yourtemplate/editor.css), but if your individual CSS are placed in a subdirectory (for example /templates/yourtemplate/css/styles.css), you have to change the paths to the images and fonts when copying the code from /css/styles.css to editor.css.

And a last word concerning the images: I know that the way you describe is easier for the users, but that way, they can upload huuuge files, resize them to 100x200 pixel and then wonder why the image takes so long to load and looks cluttered...


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