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This is a great module!  Thank you for your work.

I have pretty much everything set up and working, including the miniform implementation.  But I am unclear on the following guidelines in the help file and how to implement them.  I am also working on English translations for your consideration, but until I am more clear on the following items, I will hold off on providing them.

<p>The elements should have an ID (id = "whatever")<br>
  If you do not have one, the position will be set, but that is not ideal.</p>

What does this mean, "the position will be set, but that is not ideal."?  I have checked the source code on your example page https://wbce.at/tpls/unterseiten/znip-merkzettel.php (below) and it does not appear you have set an ID, as "mmz_id_1" is the same ID I have on my test page, where I have not set any custom ID.  Can you please clarify this for me.

<h3 data-mmz_preis="45" id="mmz_id_1" class="mmz_merkzettel_item" title="Auf den Merkzettel">Alter, abgelaufener Käse</h3>
<p>The title, if any, is taken from the "data-mmz" attribute. Otherwise, the text of the tag will be used.</p>

I am not sure what is meant by "the "data-mmz" attribute"
Is this referring to if anything is set in the language file for:

var mmz_lang = {
	'add': 'Add to Wish List',
	'remove': 'Remove from Wish List',
<p>The price/piece is calculated from the attribute "data-mmz_preis", if $ show $ = true;</p>

Where and how do I implement this "data-mmz_preis"?  I am using OFA for this "wish list shop" and have a [PRICE] field which is input for each item.  Can that data be used automatically here, or does the price have to be included manually somehow?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can offer.


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Re: Price/Attributes

Sorry for the previous long post and all the English.

I'll try to simplify my question.  How do you implement the price of an item?  How do you add the "data-mmz_preis=56.90" to an item?

Der Preis / Stk wird aus dem Attribut "data-mmz_preis=56.90" genommen, wenn $preiszeigen = true;
Komma muss als Punkt angegeben werden.

Thank you.


I figured it out:

<div class="wish_list_title" data-mmz_preis="[PRICE]">[TITLE]</div>

Thanks again for an extremely useful module!

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