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#1 12.09.2021 08:38:38


NWI Groups - Section ID handling

WBCE Version: 1.5.0
NWI 5.0.7

I need some (further) clarity on how NWI 5 handles group designation.

I have a NWI section (ID#4) on my "News" page, which has MANY group entries.

I also have another NWI section (ID#130) on another page, which I added only one single Group to - named "testgroupid130".

When I open a post in the section ID#130 NWI in the backend and click on the "Groups" drop-down, I see:
None (Current Section #130)
testgroupid130 (Current Section #130)
followed by all the groups from the "News" Page (section #4), but they show (Sections #130) beside them.


I don't understand:
1. why groups from other pages/sections appear here?
2. what happens when I choose one of the groups from the other section(s)?  The group from another section that I choose does not get added to the Groups list in the NWI section I am in, and yet, the post shows that it is part of a group from the section I am in.  I'm confused.


#2 13.09.2021 11:50:02


Re: NWI Groups - Section ID handling

The intended functionality is to show all groups from all NWI sections here. If you choose a group from a different section, the post will be moved to that section. So if you have NWI sections that do not show all groups from all other sections, this is a bug.

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#3 13.09.2021 18:58:01


Re: NWI Groups - Section ID handling

Thank you for clarifying that choosing a group from a different section will MOVE the post to that section.  That was/is not obvious.

I knew you could move a post (or bulk posts) from the overview:

My confusion comes from the way that the Groups are designated from the OTHER sections.

In my image from my first post above you can see the current section of the NWI post I am editing is - Section #130
Then it lists the only other Group in Section #130 - "testgroupid30 (Section #130)"

Then below that is "--Page News (2)--" - followed by the Groups from the NWI section (section #4) on that page:
The first Group is "None (Section #4) - That makes sense to me, this will move my post to the NWI section #4 (on Page News (2)) without any Group designation.

But then following that is the list of all the Groups from section #4, but they all have (Section #130) beside them.
Should these not display as:
E-Sports (Section #4)
Junior Football (Section #4)
Senior Football (Section #4)

So that it is obvious that you are MOVING your post to a different section?

The way it currently displays, gives the impression that you are changing the group designation, but the post will remain in it's current section.

I hope this helps clarify my point.

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#4 14.09.2021 10:30:14


Re: NWI Groups - Section ID handling

I see. It's a bug.
/modules/news_img/templates/default/group_select.phtml, change line 25

<option value="<?php echo $id ?>"<?php if ($post_data['group_id'] == $group['group_id']): ?> selected="selected"<?php endif; ?>><?php echo $group['title'].' ('.$TEXT['SECTION'].' #'.$section_id ?>)</option>


<option value="<?php echo $id ?>"<?php if ($post_data['group_id'] == $group['group_id']): ?> selected="selected"<?php endif; ?>><?php echo $group['title'].' ('.$TEXT['SECTION'].' #'.$sectionID ?>)</option>

($section_id should read $sectionIDangel

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#5 14.09.2021 11:46:44


Re: NWI Groups - Section ID handling

Okay.  Thank you!

Just an FYI, that folder is not visible using cwsoft-addon-file-editor:



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