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#1 30.09.2019 00:38:09


[solved] customizing the frontend output

I'm not trying to sound impatient, but does anyone know if Chio is still active on the forum, or developing this module?

I have a couple of questions.  The default frontend displays like this:
default display

First question - How can I safely remove the PAGE_ID "13;" from the beginning of the item Descriptions?

Second question - The shop I am working on only sells unique one-of-a-kind items.  So, there is never a need for the option of Amount / Quantity of a single item.  They will always only be buying one (1) of any item.  So, I am trying to remove the unnecessary table data.

I tried changing the "$preiszeigen" to "false" in config, but that removes all the pricing elements, so that is not ideal, as I still want to show the item prices, and if possible, the Total Cost (this Total cost would be nice but is not crucial).

Then, I edited the config, changed "$preiszeigen" back to "true" and changed mengezeigen (I know it says "for later" but I was just playing to find a solution) field to "false", like so:

$jquery_string = '.wish_list_title';
$preiszeigen = 'true'; //true or false
$preiswaehrung = '$'; 
$mengezeigen = 'false'; //$preiszeigen; //Show quantity //for later...
$form_field_page_id = 14;
$form_field_jquery_string = '.miniform #message';

But that resulted in this frontend output:
no quantity

This would be fine, if I could remove the "sum" column.  Is there a safe way to do that?

Ideally, I would like to have the "Price" and the "Total" below, but I am not looking to re-write the module for my specific needs, as I want the module to remain safe for future upgrades.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 30.09.2019 01:49:20


Re: [solved] customizing the frontend output

First of all:
I didn't use this module actively, just poked a bit around in the source-code and checked with a simple test-page, so I cannot guarantee wheter the following changes maybe have any side-effects.

All the changes are in the frontend.js

1. Remove the leading ID
around line 135 change

return ( page_id +'; '+titel);



2. Remove the "Sum" Column there are two changes
for the header row
around line 215 change

preisth1 = '<td class="preis">'+mmz_lang['tdstk']+'</td><td class="preis preis_sum">'+mmz_lang['tdsum']+'</td>';


preisth1 = '<td class="preis">'+mmz_lang['tdstk']+'</td>';

for the data rows
around line 189 change

preistag = '<td class="preis">'+preistag+'</td><td class="preis preis_sum">'+preis_sumtag+'</td>';


preistag = '<td class="preis">'+preistag+'</td>';

... nein in Europa verwenden wir beim Programmieren nicht € statt $ ...


#3 30.09.2019 03:28:27


Re: [solved] customizing the frontend output

Thank you so much.  That worked beautifully.

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